Crackdown on Kalalau Hikers

SUBHEAD: The reason for crack down in Kalalau is that the first strike weapon base on Kauai doesn’t want strangers nearby.

By Ray Songtree on 6 February 2016 for Kauai Transparency Initiative -

Image above: Paul and Laura finding the Kalalau Trail closed. From (

Some operators offered boat trips into Kalalau. They still will, but they won’t land on beach which was the illegal part, and people will need permits to be onshore. I have used their services. They haul out tons of trash.

The people who live there are trying to live a simple lifestyle and I support them. I am not into total control and needing a permit to go hiking. It is just a matter of time before there is permanent settlements and agriculture in Kalalau and the government is presently in the way. It should be allowed now.

Off grid living without zoning or intrusions should be normal.  But of course, that is anathema to this regime which allows nothing to be un-regulated and comes up with more and more and more safety excuses for more intrusion. We have to obey the insurance industry, after all.
The garbage everywhere is crazy. I’m looking forward to when most packaging is illegal, and most goods are sold in bulk, with people providing their own bags which are not disposable.  Wouldn’t that be cheaper than garbage pickup?

But before that common sense happens, tourism will crash and people will start living in Kalalau again.  This will happen in my lifetime. The bubble of tourism is going to decline as all the destabilization programs, such as cheap heroin, wrecks society. They need an excuse.

So geoengineering, heroine, Muslims… some perfect storm of stress to cause the system to fail to carefully control-demolish society, before it crashes randomly of its own top heavy imbalance, the way the medical industry will fail soon.

After the U.S. armed the Mexican Drug Cartels, they transferred opium production from Afghanistan to Mexico (banned by Taliban and back in production instantly after US came in).

Heroin is allowed in by Homeland Security. Think about that! Why not tons of plastic explosives? Homeland security could stop neither, so it is a farce
If you think a wilderness experience should include being checked at gunpoint by police, like Penny and I were checked, is that a quality experience?

The reason for crack down in Kalalau is that the first strike weapon base on Kauai doesn’t want strangers nearby. It is a criminal offense to not have a permit. To go hiking a few miles from your home with your daughter is a crime.

I am now a criminal and experienced being in a court house for first time in my life this winter. Crime – I was hiking with my 9 year old daughter.

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Anonymous said...

So u wanna come here from somewhere else and take over areas of wilderness for your own farming? So If I was born and raised here and I go on your farm and harvest your shit for myself you be okay with that?

Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Anonymous,

Your comment seems a bit xenophobic and mean spirited.

I think the correct analogy would be more like
"So u wanna come here from somewhere else and take over areas of wilderness for your own farming. How would you feel if I went to mainland and went to an area of wilderness for my own farming?"

Well, the mainland is so big that if you did probably nobody would notice. On a small isolated island farming in Kalalau, or anywhere must be pono if we have to depend on ourselves for food.

The way you wrote your comment might imply that you consider Kalalau Valley your farm.

You may have been born and raised here but I wonder how "Hawaiian" are you - in the sense of knowledge of the Canoe Plants and experience providing you own food from the wilderness in a place like Kalalau.

My guess is like most of us you rely on a mainland built vehicle to drive you to a mainland supplied supermarket or fast food outlet.

I have known some wonderful people who have lived in Kalalau Valley with a light footstep and who have helped repair the paths and restore native plants.

Sure, there are idiots everywhere. That includes the local fools that go four-wheeling through Polhihale tearing down and dunes for fun and cutting down the kiawe to keep warm at might.

My attitude is that if you are driving on the beach you are damaging it. If you are killing trees on the dunes you are endangering that environment.

What do we do about that?

IB Publisher

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