Free Taro in Waimea

SUBHEAD: Today, 1/11 3-6pm, there will be a free taro giveaway in Waimea between Ishihara's and the Shell station.

By Phoebe Eng on 11 January 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: Serial view of Waimea Valley taro patches near Menehune Road. From (

If you haven't heard the news yet, Ka Piko o Waimea (the wonderful group of young Waimea Valley "next generation" leaders that wanted very much to run the Makaweli Poi mill) will be GIVING AWAY FREE taro today, 3-6 pm, at the open area between Ishihara and Shell in Waimea town!

Come pick up your bag of taro and ask your friends to come--

This is a community and outreach event where you can meet and talk story with Ka Piko leaders and board members, hear more about their "taro culture" vision, and find ways to support their work.

These young leaders really stepped up to the plate in their recent dealings with OHA. Let's help them by coming to their taro giveaway, even for a few minutes, and showing support for a next generation of west side cultural leaders.

Should be fun too!


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