Screwing with the internet

SUBHEAD: Yesterday there was a peculiar breakdown of internet service. It could have been a glitch or it could have been the NSA.

By Juan Wilson on 11 September 2012 for Island Breath -

Image above: Anonymous and V for Vendetta, or is it the NSA. From (

Yesterday morning when we booted our computer to post the days articles on Island Breath a strange thing happened. We couldn't raise our website. We have a peculiar structure to our site... it resides in two realms. One is at ( This is the overarching parent and frame of Island Breath as well as the location of all graphic images. Articles created prior to 2009 are also there.

The other realm is where new individual articles are posted ( I won't go into the details, but this arrangement makes it easier for our editors to put the stories together.

The ( was unavailable yesterday morning, whereas ( was available. As a result no one, including us, could get to our home page, and if they could find a posted article there was no graphics. This was because the host for  ( who have their servers in Phoenix, Arizona, could not be reached through any web browser we tried in Windows or Mac operating systems.

Our blogspot  posted articles are hosted by Google and Google did not seen affected by the overall blackout, but other sites were.

Yesterday morning Chris Record wrote at (
GoDaddy has been Hacked!
If you use email, or surf the web, or have any domains at GoDaddy, you are likely affected by the Anonymous Hack on Godaddy today.

Servers are down.  Emails are down.  Websites are Down.  Millions of them…They are currently troubleshooting the issues, and there is not much that we can do but sit back and wait and contemplate what life is like without the internet for a little while.

Godaddy Hacked!

Well, it wasn't just GoDaddy sites affected. We use ( and all the sites they hosted, as well as their parent site, were down. Calls to the company resulted in either that funny beeping you get when you cannot make a connection  - or when you could - an insane mix of muzak and interrupted robotic messages about how important our call was, and all we had to do was hang on.

We noticed that big corporate internet sites seemed unaffected. Lots of independent  and small business sties were. For example, the website of storage facility at the Lawai Cannery was out all morning and intothe afternoon. There business database is online and was unavailable.

Maybe it was an Anonymous hack and maybe not. Another suggestion was that it was an NSA interruption to better secure flow and control of selected intelligence targets.

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