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SUBHEAD: The Honolulu City Council will vote on a plan to industrialize productive farmland on Oahu.

By Marti Townsend on 14 February 2012 for Kahea Alliance - 
Image above: Bins overflow with freshly-picked chard at MA'O Farms in Waianae, Oahu, HI. From (

[IB Editor's note: Help is only a couple of clicks away. Act on this. because Oahu's food security is an outer island issue too. For every acre of food production lost on Oahu the outer islands will have to provide more. As it is Oahu's population is far from sustainable. As the cost of shipping food rises the outer islands will be greatly burdened providing food for hundreds of thousands living on paved over Oahu.] 

Tomorrow the Honolulu City Council will vote on a plan to industrialize productive farmland in Wai`anae. Wai`anaeʻs farmers need your help today to protect food production for the future. Please send the City Council an email today and attend the hearing at Kapolei Hale on Wednesday at 10 AM. Click Here to Take Action Today! You can make a difference just by clicking and sending your testimony to the City Council TODAY!

Make your voice heard! If your on Oahu, attend the last public hearing on the Purple Spot on Wednesday Feb. 15, 10 AM at Kapolei Hale Wai`anae residents have fought for 5 years to defend their farmland from this developer-driven industrial park proposal. They have collected over a 2,000 petition signatures. They convinced the Land Use Commission to deny a boundary amendment for the project. They convinced the Planning Commission to not support it.

But despite their consistent involvement at every stage of decision-making, the power of a few politically well-connected businessmen -- Thomas Enomoto, Clyde Kaneshiro, and Michael Nekoba -- threatens to undermine the farming traditions of Wai`anae AND further corrode the publicʻs faith in our democratic process. There is still chance for the City Council to do the right thing.

We know that the industrial park developers and their friends have donated to the political campaigns for:
Ikaika Anderson
Ann Kobayashi
Ernie Martin
Romy Cachola
Stanley Chang
Nestor Garcia
But! We hope that as public servants these councilmembers will not allow personal financial benefit to improperly influence good public policy making. Good public policy and planning dictates that isolated urban zones should not be placed in the middle of agricultural districts; that country lanes should not be used for 500+ vehicles an hour of traffic; that community planning should be driven by the community, not individual developers. The farmers and residents of Wai`anae want to protect their storied agricultural traditions for future generations. You can help. Tell the Honolulu City Council to “remove the purple spot from the Wai`anae Sustainable Communities Plan.” Learn more about the purple spot. Support KAHEAʻs Environmental Justice Program with a tax-deductible donation, click here to donate now.

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