PMRF tests new weapon system

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SUBHEAD: DARPA test on Kauai launches weapon capable of traveling 5 times the speed of sound.

 By AP Staff on 17 November 2011 for the Washington Post -  

Image above: The Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 successfully tested. From (

The Army on Thursday conducted its first flight test of a new weapon capable of traveling five times the speed of sound.

The Army launched the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon from the military’s Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai at about 1:30 a.m.

The weapon’s “glide vehicle” reached Kwajalein Atoll — some 2,300 miles away — in less than half an hour, said Lt. Col. Melinda Morgan, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

Earlier this year, the Congressional Research Service said in a report the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon is part of the military’s program to develop “prompt global strike” weapons that would allow the U.S. to strike targets anywhere in the world with conventional weapons in as little as an hour.

The Air Force and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, are developing a similar vehicle.

The Pentagon said the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, or AHW, vehicle is designed to fly long ranges within the earth’s atmosphere at speeds that are at least five times the speed of sound.

The objective of Thursday’s test was to collect data on technologies that boost the hypersonic vehicle and allow it to glide. The Army was also testing how the vehicle performed in long-range flight.

The Congressional Research Service report said the AHW would be able to maneuver to avoid flying over third party nations as it approached its target. The weapon would use a precision guidance system to home in on the target, it said.

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János Keoni Samu said...

And of course it is for national defense purposes, just to continue the BS. Getting ready to attack China? It looks like a prelude to it. Combined with Hillary Clinton's upcoming visit to Myanmar (China's Southern neighbor) to visit the government that is methodically engaged in ethnic cleansing, plus placing US troops in Northern Australia. The whole thing is spiced with Obama's speech in Bali at the ASEAN countries' meeting "We are not afraid of China..." even if China never threatened to attack the United States.

Perhaps it will be the option to "repay" the money that the U.S. owes to China, as one of the "distinguished" presidental candidates said publicly in connection with the the U.S. debt to China "... and finally there is also the military option".

Kudoz for Kaua`i too, because such a super-hyper weapon will definitely put our island in the crosshair of those who might be attacked and want to defend themselves.

János Keoni Samu

leftygoleftier said...

What if.....and I'm being serious...what if, there really is something at area 51 in Roswell,NM and the elitist military people so many love to demonize as the scourge of the Earth have really been feverishly working all these years to protect the human race from an eventual alien invasion and all these weapons that we've developed at great expense to the quality of life of the majority of us all was a sacrifice that had to made to perpetuate humanity. I know it sounds like a cheesy plot to a crappy hollywood summer movie but wouldn't allof it make sense if that were really the case. If it's not true then they are all just nucking futs and we need to load em' up on a brage to nowhere.

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