Surfing in Gaza

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SUBHEAD: Palestinians in fact resemble the Hawaiian people in many ways and have a form of Aloha that is virtually identical.  

By Ken O'Keefe on 20 April 2011 in Island Breath - 

Image above: Surfing with two Palestinians in Gaza. From email distribution by Ken O'Keefe.

Aloha everyone at Deep Ecology & Hawaii,

 I just surfed in Gaza yesterday, although I have lost so much in my abilities to surf if was an absolute joy. Below is a video of the day, it also includes thoughts about my dear brother Vittorio who was murdered last week. The day reminded me of my fondest memories as a kid. My love for the sea will never die and I want to share that love with my extended family in Gaza by bringing them more surfboards and other water equipment.

Whether it is kayaks, surfboards, inflatable boats, outboard motors, boogie boards, you name it, anything to enhance the ability of the children to interact with the sea. I will be leaving from London for Gaza around mid may and we have the means to transport valuable items so please give what you can. Thanks to everyone in advance, please spread this message to the entire surfing community, please be reminded that those that live and surf as I did in Hawaii and California are so blessed that it is practically criminal to not do good in this world.

The people of Palestine in Gaza have been through more than most know and despite decades of horrendous propaganda meant to villainize all the people here, the truth of the matter is that the people of Palestine are among the most generous and beautiful people you will ever meet. They do in fact resemble the Hawaiian people in incredible ways and they have a form of Aloha here that is virtually identical. I would love to have something sent from the Hawaiian/kanaka maoli community to Gaza as well, it is a dream of mine to connect the kanaka maoli with the Palestinian people.

And of course I hope this message reaches the surfing community and I really hope that this community responds. Put down most of what you have been told about Gaza, I am telling you most of it is absolute bullshit. The truth is that there are over 800,000 innocent children here and if you give to this cause you will bring joy to some of them.

Thank you all in advance. If you want to support this cause please email me ( cc

Here is a link to the page giving information about our convoy; (

Video above: Thoughts on Vittorio Arrigoni and surfing in Gaza. From (


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