Kauai Bus Service Expansion

SUBHEAD: Mayor Carvalho's proposal to expand Kauai Bus coming up for public hearing this Wednesday, January 12. Image above: Bus stop at the Kalaeo Community Center. One of the finest stops on the island. Photo by Juan Wilson. By Joann Yukimura on 11 January 2011 as press release - This coming Wednesday is a concrete opportunity to help make the vision come true. Mayor Carvalho has proposed an appropriation bill (similar to the one proposed by Councilmember Bynum during the 2010 Budget hearings for FY 2010-2011) to expand bus services to Sundays and into evening hours up to 10 p.m. Please come to the public hearing this Wednesday, January 12 at 1:30 p.m. or submit email testimony to CouncilTestimony@kauai.gov. While it would be best to get your testimony in by the public hearing date of this Wednesday, you can submit testimony up to January 26, the earliest date by which the full Council will consider the bill. Even if it's a short letter or testimony, it will help to show the Council how important bus services are to our community and will help lay the foundation for all the future work we need to do. Please pass this email on to your friends and family who use and/or support the Kaua'i Bus. .

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KimoRosen said...


I have been a frequent user of the Bus for the last eight years.

I believe expanding the service is overdue. It's a no brainer, people go places after 6:00 p.m and on holidays.

I believe there should not be a downsized schedule on Saturday and holidays, ironically those are the days more people need the bus, weekends and holidays. Keep the schedule the same every day of the week.

Please consider making room for more bikes and having a course in people skills for the many drivers whom may be good drivers but have no people skills. Just a nice good morning or Aloha can make a person's day.

Please consider as in Honolulu a special disability bus pass signed by a doctor , Honolulu offers $25.00 a year for physically and mental ailments after a signed documentation by the persons doctor. Senior also have the option of a $25.00 a year bus pass, guaranteed more people riding da bus!

May I suggest the drivers as in Honolulu and many other cities must display their name tags when driving, this makes it so a passenger doesn't have to say, "hey driver"(drivers hate being addressed as 'hey driver') when their is a question, it also makes the driver behave more pono when his name is out there.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

James "Kimo" Rosen

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