Saved from Paradise Ranch

SOURCE: Hope Kallai ( SUBHEAD: Paradise Ranch surrenders their permit to fence off access to Lepeuli (Larson's) Beach. Image above: Lepeuli Beach looking northwest. From ( A PDF file of a letter dated yesterday from the lawyers representing the ranch, and mailed to the chairman of the DLNR, is being circulated. The letter indicates that the threat to close the current public access to Lepeuli Beach with a cattle fence has been lifted. The body of the text of the PDF has been scanned with OCR and is below.
January 10, 2011 Mr. William J. Aila, Jr., Chairman, and Members of the Board of Land and Natural Resources Department of Land and Natural Resources P. 0. Box 621 Honolulu, Hawaii 96809 ATTN: Kimberly "Tiger" Mills, Staff Planner RE,:Conservation District Use Application - KA-3525 Tax Key No.: (4) 5-1-003:003, Paradise Ranch, LLC, Applicant Dear Chairman Aila and Members of the Board: On behalf of Paradise Ranch, LLC, the permittee under the above-referenced permit, it hereby respectfully gives notice that it surrenders Conservation District Use Permit KA-3525. Fencing to curtail its cattle from entering Lepeuli Beach, and the maintenance work that it had desired to continue to maintain areas makai of the pasturage, shall hereafter be restricted to lands located within the State Land Use Agricultural District. No fencing will be installed on, upon or within the Conservation District, and aside from clean-up of debris and trash, no maintenance activities will continue within the Conservation District. While Paradise Ranch and the landowner, Waioli Corporation, sincerely believed that its original proposal of engaging in habitat management and maintenance of the section of land adjacent to the sandy beach was in the best interests of all concerned, which would have provided a safe environment free of debris and litter, this long and costly battle involving the landowner's rights to preserve and protect its property while encouraging agriculture can no longer continue. Paradise Ranch has been waiting far too long to fence the makai section of its leased lands to expand its pasture area, and needs to attend to confining its livestock while providing it the best forage possible. Very Truly yours, Lorna A. Nishimitsu BELLES GRAHAM PROUDFOOT WILSON & CHUN, LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW WATUMULL PLAZA 4334 RICE STREET, SUITE 202 LIHUE, KAUAI, HAWAII 96766-1388 TELEPHONE- NO: (808)245-4705 FACSIMILE NO: (808) 245-3277 E-MAIL-.
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