We pass 750,000 hits

SUBHEAD: Since beginning our blogspot format for Island Breath we have had posted over 2000 articles and had 750,000 hits. Mahalo.  

By Juan Wilson on 5 December 2010 in Island Breath.org-

Image above: Rolling over 750,000 site hits and over 2000 articles.

 Linda Pascatore and I have been publishing the Island Breath website since January 1st 2004.

Until mid 2006 we did not monitor traffic and do not know visitor counts. In the early days the most prolific contributors to the site were Ray Chuan, Ken Taylor and Judy Dalton. Even with their great support we were averaged about one article a day. Since then we have used StatCounter.com and have kept statistics.

From mid 2006 to the end of 2009 we averaged about 300 reader hits a day. That includes the high tide period lasting over a year when the SuperFerry issue raised average readership to over 600 a day. At he end of 2009 we reformatted the site using www.blogspot.com technology.

Since then, and the expansion of our editorial staff to include David Ward, Brad Parsons and Jonthan Jay we have greatly increased the number or articles we are posting. We are now averaging several articles posted a day. From January 1st 2009 we have posted over 2000 articles. Readership is up as well.

In the first year and a half of the new format we averaged less than 500 hits a day. In the last month that number has been about 900 a day and climbing. There is one caveat. We have a disproportionate number of new readers and therefore a lower percentage of repeat visitors. Looking at the path of new visitors to the site suggests that searches for graphic images is an important way for people to discover our site.

The overall pattern of statistics also suggests to me that we need more contributions from readers on issues specific to Kauai and the people who live here. Moreover, we probably scare some readers away with what is often called "doomster-porn". I admit we are a bit shrill with the disaster sirens around here. In our defense, I think there is a tsunami of change to get prepared for.

On the other hand, after a while the siren is just annoying to those that have already gotten the message. I hope in 2011, as others take of the cry for addressing collapse of the old system, we can move on to sharing more on solutions and celebrating their success.

Ultimately, I believe those solutions will drive this site out of business. If I can get a hand cranked mimeograph machine the future of Island Breath may be to circulate our poems and recipes. My thanks to the editorial staff and thank you visitors and especially you contributors. .

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Isle said...

I welcome the days of poems and recipes. Hallelujah.

Robert Broska

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