Two Skins from the Onion

SUBHEAD: The Onion Network News uses satire to underscore the truth of our current situation. By Juan Wilson on 11 November 2009 - Image above: Detail of screen shot of Onion Network News video webpage. These humorists do as well in the details and the polish of production as CNN, MSNBC or FOX. Island Breath has featured items from The Onion began in Ohio as a printed newspaper spoof. It has sinced branched out to include radio and television media. We have featured several video clips in the past. Most have focussed on technology, gaming, politics, robotics, and the economy. Some might call the Onion's satiric observations callous or even cruel. The Onion also shows understanding of the truth about our circumstances today. Like John Stewart's Daily Show (on Comedy Central), the ONN is more on point and honest than our "serious" news media. I believe the two videos below are typical of the ONN's best work, but be warned... you'll have to sit through some Coke Zero ads, or something equally appalling, to get to the nut inside. First: The Economy Ford Unveils New Car For Cash-Strapped Buyers: The 1993 Taurus Second: Gaming & Warfare Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders see also: Ea O Ka Aina: FDA depressant & Apocolyptic Games 2/26/09 Island Breath: War for the Whitehouse 9/28/08 Island Breath: Bush to visit disaster of his Presidency 8/2/08 Island Breath: Blockbuster Museum recreates past of movie renting 6/29/08 Island Breath: The World of World of Warcraft 6/19/08 Island Breath: General Electric & Robot U.S. President 1/16/08

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