Polihale Clean Up

SUBHEAD: Come and help clean up Polihale State Park access road. image above: Volunteers work to attach a railing and get the bridge ready for Polihale State Park re-opening. From The Garden Island News WHEN: Saturday, April 11, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm WHERE: Meet at Polihale State Park Gate WHAT: The community is invited to clean up Polihale State Park and access road to pick up litter so the Park will be in pristine condition when it re-opens in 2-3 weeks. The road to Polihale has been closed since the December 14 rain and it would've been closed up to 2 years if it hadn't been for volunteers lead by community activist Bruce Pleas. Read more in TGI 4/3 front page story "Community united to restore Polihale access" Most of the clean up will be fairly easy, but for energetic cleaners who want to pick up around kiawe you'll need to wear closed shoes, long pants, arm protection and a tool that will help reach into the kiawe. Please bring water but please do not bring surfboards, fishing stuff, etc as the beach is officially still closed. Entrance to this event will be at the Polihale State Park gate. A release form will be required to be filled out and signed before passing through the gate and a check out will also be required as you leave. The restrooms will be available for the volunteers. The restrictions for this event will be no beach access (clean up the road, along the rim of the beach and Park only). You may want to bring a camera or video equipment to document the work done by the volunteers and the wildlife living in the area. State Parks will supply the bags and pick up the bags of trash. Volunteer check in and check out people along with area monitors will be needed with these volunteers being able to access the Park early to view the work done and enjoy the solitude of being alone at Polihale. SPONSORED BY: Sierra Club and Surfrider CONTACT: For more information contact Gordon LaBedz at 337 9977 GLaBedzMD@aol.com or Judy Dalton at 246-9067 dalton@aloha.net

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