The London Summit 2009

SUBHEAD: The richest 20 countries have 90% of its wealth. Should these people be allowed in the same room? By Juan Wilson on 2 April 2009 for Island Breath - ( Look at the poster for this G20 conference, that brings together the leaders of the twenty largest economies in the world. It shows a picture of the Earth looking across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe. In the distance is a flash of light. Is that the rising sun, or a nuclear device detonated somewhere over Russia? Then there, under the title "The London Summit 2009" is the motto of the event: STABILITY | GROWTH | JOBS That's laughable. Those are the least likely things we'll see anytime soon. The word is the U.S. lost three-quarters of a million jobs in March. I know... the motto is, in this case, just a prayer. It's what the G20 wish they could keep going in order for their party to keep going. It reminds me of the Ed Sullivan act where a plate spinner tries to keep twenty plates spinning and balanced on sticks. The spinner runs around frantically trying to keep everything going until the curtain comes down. Perhaps a more useful motto for the summiteers to consider would be RESILIENCE | SUSTAINABILITY | USEFUL WORK See also: Island Breath: Obama about face on Afghanistan 4/1/09

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