Monsanto office for rent

SUBHEAD: Monsanto pulls managers out of Hanapepe Valley. Hurray! By Juan Wilson on 4 April 2009 for Island Breath - ( Image above: The Seto Building at 4556 Awawa Road has recently been headquarters for Monsanto. Photo by Juan Wilson. The address is 4556 Awawa Road, in Hanapepe Valley. A "For Rent" sign hangs on the building where a sign for a Monsanto sponsored event once rippled in the breeze. There are no more big pickups parked near the front door. The restored Seto Building may now return to a retail business operation once again. The building in recent years has been the headquarters for Monsato's genetically modified organism (GMO) experiments in Hanapepe Valley. Monsanto subleased virtually all the usable Alexander & Baldwin lands in the valley for corn seed experiments. This included farmland once used for growing real food locally. Some Monsanto experimental corn fields were only a stone's throw from the largest taro production on the westside of the island. We're glad to see Monsanto go and hope that the corporation's employees can find work feeding the people of Kauai. The following is from a plaque on the building put up by the Kauai Historical Society. "The original building was the lean-to section at the rear of the property. The tiny kitchen there was said to dish up the best saimin noodles on Kauai. In 1919 the Seto family purchased the property and finished the two-story addition by 1921. Over the years it has been a coffee shop/bakery, general store, the Bridge Side Steak House during World War II, a market, and liquer store. The family lived upstairs and often enjoyed fishing and catching huge crabs from the windows and deck. At times folks came by in boats to purchase goods through the window with the aid of a bucket on a rope. Having survived the 1963 flood, and hurricane Iwa in 1982, the building was destroyed by hurricane Iniki in 19992. Now fully restored by the Seto family, it serves as retail and office space." Let's hope that last part is right and the building won't serve anymore as the Devil's Workshop. see also: Island Breath: Monsanto Aftermath 2/26/09 Island Breath: Monsanto to leave Kauai 2/20/09

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Aloha..So glad to see the Devil leave the Seto Market Building!!!! Stay Away GMO!! It is now Kulture Tattoo which specializes in Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoing. Glad to see someone putting real culture back in Hanapepe Valley! Now if we can get Sygenta out!!

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