Oura Bay is being destroyed

SUBHEAD: US and Japanese finally begin destruction of last intact reef on Okinawa for military airbase.

By Gavan McCormack on 6 February 2017 for Island Breath -

Image above: The dredge ship Fukada on Oura Bay before it begins destruction of bay's ecosystem.

The destruction of Oura Bay starts in a matter of hours.

The Poseidon heavy-duty dredge ship (the “Fukada”), the crane ships, the multiple layers of security guards and their various craft: everything is now in place, ready for the “shock and awe” assault on Oura Bay.

No more surveying or preparation. This is the start of the real thing, after all these years. This is a No 1 Kokusaku (national policy) project, the equivalent of the Battleship Yamato.

What hope for democracy and human rights with the dictators, Abe to the East and Trump to the West. We have basically failed to generate enough international interest, awareness and protest.

Miyagi Chie went out on the Bay yesterday in a canoe and took photograps. This morning she issues the following SOS. See the photographs she attaches of the Poseidon ship that just arrived yesterday, the concrete blocks, etc. She asks for widest dissemination of the news of what is happening.

I don’t know that we can do. But the minimum will be to try to communicate Okinawa’s pain and anger and sadness.

Image above:
Barge with concrete blocks in Oura Bay before it begins destruction of bay's ecosystem.

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