Voting Recommendations for 2014

SUBHEAD: Island Breath picks for Kauai  for the election on 11/4/14 in the 14th, 15th, 16th Precincts.

[IB Publisher's note 10/27/14: We have made a few modifications to this article since it was first published on 10/14. We now suggest voting for four County Council member including Mason Chock. We have added our support for Mililani Trask for OHA At Large Trustee, and now do not favor any of the Kauai County Charter amendments.]

By Linda Pascatore on 14 October 2014 for Island Breath -

Image above: Felicia Cowden is running for the Kauai County Council. From (

Island Breath Voting Recommendations
To find your polling place,for your particular precinct see list bottom of this article. Go to ( to see a sample ballot for your precinct, and also information on the rest of Hawaii.

US Senator:
Brian Schatz
(Looking for growth economy and expanded tourism. Old school Democrat.  Schatz is supported by the Sierra Club. )

US Representative:
Tulsi Gabbard
(Interested in growing local food and supports GMO labeling. Does not support fast tracking Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Gabbard is supported by the Sierra Club.)

Governor and Lieutenant Governor:
Jeff Davis (Gov) and Cynthia Marlin (Lt Gov)
(Davis, a Libertarian,  is sharply opposed to GMO agriculture. He is concerned with local food security and for legalization of recreational marijuana)

State Representative, District 14:Portion of Hanalei District (Haena, Hanalei, Princeville, Kealia, Kawaihau, Kapaa)
No One
(We do not support Derek Kawakami. He's running as a Democrat. He is a political hack in bed with Ron Kouchi)

State Representative, District 15:
Portion of Kawaihau District (Waipouli); portion of Lihue District (Wailua, Hanamaulu, Lihue, Puhi); portion of Koloa District (portion of Omao)

No One
(We do not support Jimmy Tokioka. He's running as a Democrat. He is a political hack in bed with Ron Kouchi)

State Representative, District 16:
Portion of Koloa District (Koloa, Poipu, Lawai, Kalaheo, Numila, Eleele, Port Allen, portion of Omao); portion of Waimea District (Hanapepe, Kaumakani, Pakala, Waimea, Kekaha, Mana, Kokee) 
Daynette (Dee) Morikawa
(Supports pesticide regulation. Supported a new Superferry. Doesn't support recreational marijuana.)

Image above: Justin Barca is running for Mayor of Kauai County. From (

County of Kauai Mayor:
Dustin Barca

(He is sharply opposed to chemical companies and their GMO experimentation here. Young, eager and on a learning curve)

County of Kauai Councilmembers:
Gary Hooser 
Mason Chock
Tim Bynum
Felicia Cowden
JoAnn Yukimura
Jay Furfaro
Tiana Laranio

(Above are our top seven picks for County Council, our ideal council from those running. Some strategists suggest voting for just your top candidates so as not to dilute the votes of your favorites.)

Image above: Mahealani Wendt for Trustee of OHA. From (
Office of Hawaiian Affairs:
Maui Trustee: (Kauai voters too)
Mahealani Wendt
(Supports replacing OHA with native Hawaiian Government)

At Large Trustee:
Mililani Trask

(Supports Hawaiian sovereignty)

Proposed Amendments to the State Constitution:

Relating to Disclosure of Judicial Nominees 
Shall the judicial selection commission, when presenting a list of nominees to the governor or the chief justice to fill a vacancy in the office of the chief justice, supreme court, intermediate appellate court, circuit courts or district courts, be required , at the same time, to disclose that list to the public?

We recommend a Yes vote, in favor of more public disclosure.

Relating to Agricultural Enterprises
Shall the State be authorized to issue special purpose revenue bonds and use the proceeds from the bonds to assist agricultural enterprises on any type of langd, rather thatn only important agricultural lands?

We recommend a No vote, because we're afraid the state would use this to fund GMO companies, or Big Ag, rather than small, sustainable, organic farmers.

Relating to State Justices and Judges
Shall the mandatory retirement age for all state court justices and judges be increase from seventy to eighty years of age?

We recommend a Yes vote.

Relating to Early Childhood Education
Shall the appropriation of public funds be permitted for the support or benefit of private early childhood education programs that shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex or ancestry, as provided by law?

We recommend a No vote.  If there is public funding for preschool, it should go to public preschools, not private (and often religious) preschools.

Relating to Dams and Reservoirs
Shall the State be authorized to issue special purpose revenue bonds and use the proceeds from the bonds to offer loans to qualifying dam and reservoir owners to improve their facilitities to protect public safety and provide significant benefit to the general public as important water sources?

We recommend a No vote.  We would rather the State put the money into better inspection of dams.  We are afraid this would encourage private developers and landowners to build more dams and reservoirs, thinking there would be public funding for upkeep.  Better we require

Proposed Amendments to the Kauai County Charter: 
Relating to the Department of Personnel Services
Shall the Department of Personnel Services be changed to the Department of Human Resources, with additional human resources functions?

We recommend a No vote.  This agency will cost taxpayers, and take personnel decisions like hiring, firing, and salaries, out of the hands of the experts in the individual departments, and put them in the hands of this board. "This takes a whole list of powers away from the Civil Service Commission and give them to the newly renamed Director of Human Resources who is appointed by the mayor." - Andy Parx.

Relating to Charter Amendment
Shall the county be allowed to publish summaries of charter amendments or a new charter in a newspaper of general circulation and entire text on the official website of the County of Kauai?

We recommend a No vote, the more public information the better. Not everybody is online. (Changed 10/27 see

Relating to Recall Ballots
 Shall Charter section 27.07 regarding recall ballots be amended to comply with State law and to meet voting system requirements?

We recommend a No voteIn the past this kind of change has meant weakening a stricter county regulation for slacker state regulation. (Changed 10/27 see

Polling Places for Kauai County Districts and Precincts

14th Representative District – Island of Kauai
Dist Pct
14    01   Hanalei Elementary School,  5-5415 Kuhio Highway
14    02   Kilauea Elementary School, 2440 Kolo Road
14    03   Anahola Hawaiian Homes Clubhouse, Kalalea Rd
14    04   Kapaa Elementary School, 4886 Kawaihau Rd
14    05   Kapaa Neighborhood Center, 4491 Kou Street

15th Representative District – Island of Kauai
Dist Pct
15    01   Kapaa Middle School, 4867 Olohena Road
15    02   King Kaumualii Elementary School, 4380 Hanamaulu Road
15    03   Wilcox Elementary School, 4319 Hardy Street
15    04   Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School, 4431 Nuhou Street
15    05   Koloa Elementary School, 3223 Poipu Road

16th Representative District - Islands of Niihau, Lehua, Kaula and Island of Kauai -
Dist Pct
16    01   Koloa Neighborhood Center, 3461 W eliweli Road
16    02   Kalaheo Neighborhood Center,  4480 Papalina Road
16    03   Hanapepe Recreation Center,  4451 Puolo Road
16    04   Waimea Neighborhood Center,  4556 Makeke Road
16    05   Kekaha Neighborhood Center,  8130 Elepaio Road
16    06   Niihau Elem/High School, Puuwai, Niihau


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