USA joins in WW3 efforts

SUBHEAD: America joins teams lining up on sides for World War Three to be sparked in Syria.

By AP Staff on 15 June 2013 for Fox News -

Image above: Oops! CIA aided Arms shipments to Syrian rebels keep ending op in radical hands. From (
[IB Publisher's note: Lest we forget - there's always an bad excuse to get into a war. In my lifetime the Gulf of Tonkin false flag atttack cooked up the Vietnam War and The Weapons of Mass Destruction worked for invading Iraq unjustly. 

Now we are be treated to the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria that may have killed 40 people. That's about the size of an Pakistani wedding party taken out by one of our drones. I guess Obama and crew will do anything to get the headlines off NSA surveillance of US citizens.

Don't forget how successful our efforts turned out in arming Mujahideen Afghan rebels (including Osama Bid Laden) to fight the Soviet oppressors. '
As the Shia and Sunni line up against each other in Syria, so do the Russians, Chinese and Iranians on one side versus the United States, Eurozone and Saudi Arabia on the other. Sounds like the foundation of a worldwide conflict.]

The United States will supply Syrian rebels with weapons through a CIA-run program, FoxNews confirmed Saturday.

President Obama decided Thursday to supply rebel forces with small arms and ammunition, following confirmation that the regime of Syria President Bashar al-Assad's has been using chemical weapons in the 2-year-long civil war in which at least 90,000 people have been killed.

In addition to supplying the weapons, the CIA will train rebel forces, Fox News also confirmed.

Obama vowed last summer to take action should the Assad cross a “red line” by using chemical weapons but has been challenged in verifying whether his forces used chemical weapons and in determining which rebel forces can be trusted.

However, the rebels being supplied with only small arms has disappointed some Capitol Hill lawmakers and other Americas who want a more robust response and who say the administration’s actions might be too little, too late as Assad forces appear to be taking control of the war.

Arizona Republican John McCain, a military hawk, wants much heavier arms, including anti-aircraft missiles to go after Assad's air power.

The White House has still not decided whether to send anti-tank weapons.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday explained the president’s decision to go beyond supplying humanitarian aid.

He told Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari that the use of chemical weapons, the militant group Hezbollah’s increasing support of Assad forces as well as the regime’s threats and lack of commitment to negotiate “put a political settlement out of reach,” according to the State Department.

The United States now has military equipment and roughly 5,000 troops in neighboring Jordan as part of an annual, multi-country military exercise known as Eager Lion. But the arming of the Syria rebels will happen in Turkey, another bordering county, military sources say.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Saturday approved Jordan’s request for a detachment of U.S. F-16s and Patriot Missiles to remain in that county when the exercise ends next week.

However, all other U.S. personnel will depart at the conclusion of the exercise, Pentagon press secretary George Little said.

Russia, which backs Assad, is questioning the White House’s evidence about chemical weapons, including the use of the nerve gas sarin and says the reports do not meet stringent criteria for reliability. Russian officials also opposed the call by McCain and others for a no-fly zone over Syria.

In fighting Saturday, Assad forces captured a suburb of Damascus near the capital's international airport, according to SANA, Syria's state news agency.

SANA says troops killed several rebels and destroyed their hideouts in the Ahmadiyeh area on Saturday, two days after a mortar round landed near the airport's runway and briefly disrupted flights.

A local rebel commander who identified himself by his nickname, Abu Hareth, for fear of government reprisals, said soldiers and rebels have been fighting sporadically in the area since late Friday. He said two rebel fighters have been killed there since.

Ahmadiyeh is part of a region known as Eastern Ghouta, where government forces have been on the offensive for weeks.


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