Kauai Transportation Meetings

SOURCE: Ken Taylor (taylork021@hawaii.rr.com)
SUBHEAD: Kauai Multimodal Land Transportation Plan public meetings - Bus, biking, walking & local roads.

 By Staff on 26 July 2011 for Move Kauai - 

Image above: A portion of the eastside Kauai bike path looking north in front of hotels and timeshares.  

The public Is invited to five workshops on transit, bikes and walking in Kauai's towns and neighborhoods. We need your participation! All ages welcome. (Bring the keiki!) The County will be hosting transportation workshops around the island in August to talk with people about their mobility needs and their hopes for the future of getting around in our communities. We will provide food and refreshments, including ICE CREAM! And there will be DOOR PRIZES! We will talk story about:
  • TRANSIT. The Kauai Bus has grown over the past several years, adding new buses and routes. Ridership has grown in response. In fact, ridership on The Kauai Bus has more than doubled in five years from 25,403 monthly riders in May, 2006 to 58,210 in May, 2011. Would you like to see the bus service continue to grow and improve? Where? Are there schedule changes that would help you? How can we improve The Kauai Bus? 
  • BICYCLING. How could the County improve the environment for biking in your neighborhood and in your community? Are your children able to bike safely? Would you ride a bike to catch the bus if this was safe and convenient? What and where are the barriers to bicycling?
  • WALKING. Is your neighborhood safe for pedestrians? What should the County do to make your community more walkable? Are there locations that are especially unsafe?
  •  LOCAL ROADS AND STREETS. Are your local roads and streets safe? Do people speed today? Are there parking issues in your neighborhood? Where are the local congestion points? How should the County address our local driving needs?
These will be interactive workshops. We will draw on maps, develop lists and talk in small groups. No experience is required and all ideas and opinions are welcome. We need YOU! Workshop Schedule:  

West Side: 
Waimea Neighborhood Center - August 16, 6 to 8pm  

Koloa Neighborhood Center - August 17, 6 to 8pm 

Lihue Neighborhood Center - August 18, 6 to 8pm  

East Side: 
Kapaa Neighborhood Center - August 23, 6 to 8:pm  

North Shore
Kilauea Neighborhood Center - August 24, 6 to 8pm 

 For more information visit: http://movekauai.net

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