Reinstated Hawaiian Government Elections

SOURCE: Elaine Dunbar ( SUBHEAD: Qualified voters are encouraged to join the process. Image above: Kauai representative Kekane Pa, of Reinstated Hawaiian Government, in Honolulu, Hawaii. From ( Reinstated Nation Press Reslease In an effort toward Kanaka Maoli unity, to truly assemble a sovereign native Hawaiian government of our own choosing, for this country, by this national people, of our unique culture, we are urging all Kanaka Maoli as well as qualified Kanaka E to endorse by registration, a free and open election of a LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT. We, the citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii reinstated, who have established an electorate of voters, assembled a bonafide legislature of 48 island nobles and representatives, conducted three national elections, one constitutional referendum vote, and pressed legal actions to reclaim national lands and political authority as a government, recognize, that other Kanaka Maoli leaders and their supporters continue to be at odds with our process and leadership. We are still considered by many as a sovereignty group or political party. In order to unite Kanaka Maoli and qualified Kanaka E supporters under a Lawful Hawaiian Government of their own choosing which is an exercise of their basic human right for self-governance, self-determination, and the freedom to choose one's own Nationality, we, SHARING OUR PAST EXPERIENCES, propose to assist with and coordinate a free and open election throughout the archipelago. The current citizens of the reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii recognize that we are in fact, a political party, under the elected leadership of Prime Minister Henry Noa, and recognize the necessity of the participation of all Kanaka Maoli Leaders and their supporters as various political parties within the body of A LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT. We encourage Keanu Sai, Andre Perez, Skippy Iaone, Mililani, Haunani, Akahi Nui, Mahealani Kahau, Bumpy Kanahele, OHA members and trustees, Royal Order of Kamehameha, Ka'ahumanu Society, Homestead Association members and leadership, kumu halau to register to vote and to run for office ......come one come all.....your nation state, your people, your country call out to all of you for a lawful Hawaiian government to legally take back its political authority and reclaim its national lands. On Kauai, Kekane is pushing hard for voter registrations. It's a good thing! We in District 1 & 3 need to participate and set up registered registrars at announced locations from now until the forecasted elections to be held before the end of the year. Please mark these dates in your calendar. Election is open to all - (who sign up to vote!) Support the future of Hawaii Nei and our National Lands: • Register to elect your Candidates • Candidates must be registered with the Lawful Hawaiian Government The Hawaiian Reinstated Nation has goals of: • A Free Independent government of our choosing. • Fair and open Election for Nationhood • To free our Nation from U.S. Occupation. WHEN & WHERE: Place and Dates of Registration 2010: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at all sites February 27th Poipu Beach Park, Poipu Beach Road March 6th Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 13th Kapaa Ball Park 20th Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 27th Hanalei Pier, Hanalei Beach Road April 3rd Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 10th Kekaha Ball Park 17th Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 24th Anahola, Kuhio Highway May 1st Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 8th Waimea, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 15th Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 22nd Poipu Beach Park, Poipu Beach Road June 5th Lihue, Kaumualii Highway fronting Taco Bell 12th Kealia Beach Park, Kuhio Highway Look for LAWFUL HAWAIIAN Government banners. CONTACT: Kekane Pa Phone: 808-645-1838 Email: .

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