Asian Industrial Devastation

SUBHEAD: With China's development comes environmental devastation - the likes of which is unparalleled in industrial history.

By Brad Parsons on 24 January 2010 in Aloha Analytics -  

Image above: Air pollution in Beijing is bad enough to kill by stroke or heart attack. From (  
 Recently I was speaking with an Australian businesswoman who travels throughout China, India, and Indonesia for the clothing industry. She was so impressed with how clean and orderly things are in Hawaii compared to the above countries. She described air so dirty in China and India that you cough up black mucus even when you have only been there for a few days.

She mentioned that she thinks they will have to cancel or change the venue of the upcoming Commonwealth Games from New Delhi to somewhere else because construction is behind schedule, but more importantly because the air is so dirty in New Delhi that they cannot possibly hold an athletic competition there. She also mentioned that in China they are using 40 and 50 year old commercial trucks that just spew out massive black exhaust.

Her overall point was that the pollution problem of the world right now is not in America or Europe, it is in China and India where utility and automotive exhaust is not filtered at all as it has been for decades in America. This is the real pollution problem of the world, not bogus carbon counting and falsified "global warming" theory.
Beijing Air Pollution -  
Beijing, China is now the air pollution capital of the world. I recall waking up on my first trip to Beijing, looking out my window, and thinking that I was so jetlagged that I had slept the entire day away. My watch disagreed and I discovered that it was in fact 10:00 in the morning. The smog was so thick that twilight like conditions prevailed during the day. The citizens of Beijing are environmental victims of China's spectacular economic growth. Soaring levels of air pollution in China are blamed for more than 400,000 premature deaths a year (mostly from lung and heart-related diseases). Nitrogen dioxide contributes to the toxic soup of atmospheric pollutants and can cause fatal damage to the lungs. In the wake of China's economic development comes environmental devastation - the likes of which is unparalleled in the history of industrialization. I believe that eventually environmental shortsightedness will catch up with China. For every economic step forward China will have to face an environmental crises that will solidly stymie its development. The World Bank reports that China is home to 16 of the Earth's 20 most air polluted cities. Air pollution over China has increased by approximately 50% during the past 10 years and fears abound that without proper air quality laws those levels could more than quadruple within 15 years. China's must balance its great potential to be an industrialized world leader with looming environmental collapse.

Somebody's got to confront China and India about this, and stop pussy footing around with them. The World is way overdue for Environmental Activism to be Projected into China and India. That's where the rampant, unsequestered air and water pollution is taking place.

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