Moloaa diversion details

SUBHEAD: Federal EPA and State of Hawaii were aware of illegal Moloaa water diversion as early as 2002. By Hope Kallai on 13 May 2009 in Island Breath ( Image above: Detail of diagram of the illegal Moloaa Stream Diversion to Kaloko Reservoir. From I just found these docs in the Godbey Report exhibit list in a forty-three page PDF file (4.2MB) that includes several separate documents. The EPA knew about all of this as early as 2002. The state and the feds knew in 2002 that Moloaa water was being diverted into Kaloko Reservoir for private gain without a permit. It is my understanding that the state owns the "improvements" on state land. In other words, the state owns the Ka Loko ditch diversion even though they didn't build it. I guess we, in Moloa`a, are the only ones who didn’t know where our water was going. The state seems to be condoning the mass export for profit of Public Trust resources. No reporting. No insurance. It would be really amazing for the person who sent this report out in 2002 was to come forward now. This is a pretty amazing letter. I have never gone mauka to the Ka Loko area. From this letter and map the you can figure out so much. Too bad it wasn't considered before 8 people died. Editor's Note: This PDF file (4.2MB) is actually several documents that are collected and presented together. Our review of the material reveals the following - The photo images have been reduced to high-contrast B&W and are almost unreadable. We need to see the originals for a better set of copies to evaluate what is claimed they illustrate. However the rest of the file is very informative. The documents in the EPA PDF file includes the following sections: One (pages 1-6 • EPA 500-505) is a 2002 plan for construction on the Kaloko Dam that was developed for Pflueger Properties by Belt Collins (the Superferry Pseudo-EIS engineers). Two (page 7,8 • EPA 506,507) is a cover letter describing following report and its distribution concerning the Moloaa water diversion. This cover letter indicates that the document was provided to The Garden Island News, The Honolulu Advertiser, EarthJustice, and the landowners along Moloaa Stream. Three (pages 9-11 • EPA508-510) A detailed report of the Moloaa water diversion and explanation of following photographic evidence. Four (page 12 • EPA 511) A TMK map with hand drawn diagram of diversion of Moloaa Stream locating earhten dam, pond, ditches, underground tunnels, and catchment basin just above Kaloko Reservoir. Five (page 13,14 • EPA 512,513) EPA map of Kauai identifying Pfleuger/Pilaa 400 Settlement. NOAA aerial photo of area. Six (pages 15-21 • EPA 514-520) Listing of 6 high resolution jpg photo files titled "Kaloko 3/7/06 pix details" downloaded 3/13/2006, allowed by the described photos. Seven (pages 22-43 • EPA 521-543 Listing of 22 high resolution jpg photo files titled "Kaloko Sep 02 pix details" downloaded 9/23/2002, followed by the described photos. (Note photo P918049 on EPA 540 is missing from this PDF file). Our examination of the contents of the PDF indicates that Section Three and Four are the heart of the matter. They are the most detailed record we have seen on the illegal water diversion that led up to the Kaloko Reservoir failure and the loss of stream water in the Moloaa apupuaa. The Summary states: "For several years there has been a diminished flow in Moloaa Stream throughout its course to the ocean at Moloaa Bay. It has been suspected that there has been a diversion of water away from Moloaa Stream to land that is not adjacent to the stream. The accompanying diagrams and pictures demonstrate how water has been diverted from 2 of the 3 major headwater tributaries of Moloaa Stream to Kaloko Reservoir and to a private irrigation system; this has resulted in a significant reduction in the natural flow of water down Moloaa Stream." It should be added that if this diversion takes water from Moloaa Ahupuaa and channels it into Pilaa Ahupuaa, without permision of Moloaa Ahupuaa residents, and without permission of the island or Hawaiian government that this activity constitutes a serious ongoing inustice. In traditional Hawaiian culture such an act would represent a capital crime. Page 12 of the document is EPA 511, however it is not so labeled on 8.5x11 printouts. The EPA page number is outside the printing margin and it appears that the page graphic was partially rotated. This page is the most interesting page in the file. It is handwritten notes and diagrams over a Hawaii TMK map of the area in question. It purports to show the elements and locations of the Moloaa Stream diversion system. This includes: • Earthen dam to block tributaries into Moloaa Stream. • A rentention pond. • Ditches • Underground ditches • Wooden flume • Flood gate to return water to Moloaa • a Catchment basin • Entry into Kaloko Reservoir We have added to this sketch color and vector graphics to make it more legible. We have also added property owners from the county database and ahupuaa boundaries from the Aha KIole Council map. Links: Full Document: EPA 500-543 PDF (4.2MB) Summary of Document: EPA 507-511 PDF (1MB) Enhanced Diversion Map EPA 511 (667KB) see also: Island Breath: Molaa Water Diverted 5/9/09

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