Protect the "ceded" lands!

SOURCE: Jonathan Jay ( SUBHEAD: A rally in Lihue on Friday against Lingle's plan for Hawaiian land.
Image above: Hawaiian demonstration on Maui in 1995 concerning ceded land.
By Katy Rose on 23 December 2008 -
Join Kaua'i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice in a solidarity demonstration with the big rally being held at the same time in Honolulu! When: FRIDAY DECEMBER 26, 2008 3:00-5:00pm
Where: Intersection of Kuhio Hwy and Hardy St., Lihue (across from Mc Donalds) Why: Governor Lingle is pressing the US Supreme Court to overturn the moratorium on the sale of “ceded” lands. She hopes the US Supreme Court will clear the way for the State to start selling off the “ceded” lands – to big business and development interests. It is WRONG for the state to attempt to clear the way for a fire-sale of Native lands without proper resolution of the many injustices facing the Native Hawaiian people. Tell Lingle and the State of Hawai'i to withdraw the appeal and honor the moratorium on land sales until Native Hawaiians - through THEIR OWN PROCESS OF SELF-DETERMINATION – can deal properly with the question of the “ceded” lands. Bring signs! · WITHDRAW SUPREME COURT APPEAL! · PROTECT NATIVE LANDS! · UPHOLD THE MORATORIUM! · NO SALE! · SELF-DETERMINATION FOR KANAKA MAOLI! · KEEP HAWAIIAN LANDS IN HAWAIIAN HANDS! · CEDED LANDS BELONG TO THE HAWAIIAN PEOPLE!
For more information please call Jimmy at 346-7725 or Katy at 346-7011 see also:

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