Reinstated Nation Convention

SUBHEAD: 31st National Convention at Iolani Palace in January

By Kane PA on 9 December 2008 in Island Breath -
[Edited by Island Breath from original email by Juan Wilson]

Image above: Reinstated Nation sets up at Salt Pond Beach Park on Kauai in summer 2008.
Photo by Brian Howell

Reinstated Hawaiian Nation Convention

 January 15-18, 2009

Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Again we are being stepped on, why is it so important to protect ceded land claims when we all know that this issue belongs to the inherent sovereignty.

What is so sad is the American government and its De-Facto 50th state of Hawaii continue to support a process to protect their investment, it's corporations and it's American citizens who move here under there defacto government. 

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Office of Hawaiian Affairs were created by U. S. Congress and the De-Facto State of Hawaii. The apology bill is law, and the Reinstated Hawaiian Government (RHG) understood this from day one. 

Why do we have to ask the criminals for our country back. We all know it does not belong to them. The Akaka Bill and the State's O.H.A. KAU INOA program are saying that they should decide our form of sovereignty and its government when really all you are doing is supporting the United States government to help you build your government that in reality will not have sovereig power. Why, why do you continue engaging Governor Lingle and Attourney General Mark Bennett over our sovereignty? Their state agencies push Hawaiians ro accept the Akaka Bill. 

I've spoke with Trustee Don Cataluna here on Kauai, he stated that O.H.A. doesn't know what type of government it could developf the Akaka Bill would past. Senator Daniel Inouye stated in a press release dated Wednesday December 13, 2000 and reprinted in the Honolulu Advertiser on Thursday December 14, 2000, page A2 under the title Native Legislative dies in U.S. senate.  
"Sovereignty is inherent in the people Its existence does not depend on its recognition b another government...the reorganization of governments which represent the various indigenous,native people of the United States does not require Federal authorization. This process can proceed without the involvement of the Federal government, and indeed, many have suggested that the process of reorganizing a government to represent the native Hawaiian people should proceed without the involvement of the United States." 
Why are our people still wanting to ask the criminals for permission to create a government. The Reinstated Hawaiian Government, also known as the Kingdom of Hawai'i, will exercise its Perfect Right to manifest its inherent sovereignty in accordance with the Laws of Nations and claim ownership of its National Lands. 

You are welcome to be part of this history in the making. The reinstated process (RHG) has completed 3 elections and never excluded anyone from voting in our election, yes you have to register to vote it's no different then an other nations government. 

The RHG doesn't protest against the De-Facto government, we exercise our national sovereignty. You are welcome to join us. If they cite our citizens we have a process that can defend our claims in their courts. How can we violate the laws that are guaranteed by U.S. Congress to choose a government of our own choosing? This is the big question and the courts know it. 

Our goal is to educate the people of Hawaii and the world that the lawful Reinstated Hawaiian Govrnment has initiated the process of reclaiming all of the national lands that belong to our sovereign nation. 

Please Na Kanaka, remember, we did not create these laws, our ancestor did. We have Reinstated our political body in 1999. We will conduct our 31st convention on I'olani Palace grounds on January 15-18, 2008. Please support these efforts to end all of this corruption and lies. 

Lets hold the United State accountable for international violations. We are th only people that can correct the injustice and we need the government that they overthrew to reclaim its political authority. We must come together. We don't have time to question each other, this is what they want. The hard work is done, come home and run for office in the next election of the RHG. 

 If you want more information come to the palace ground and witness our government in action. We will share our court case regarding Kahoolawe and the State and County officials citations on human rights violations.
RHG citizens are Hawaiian Nationals, not U.S.nationals.
Hope to see you there.

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