Hawaiian Nation signs removed

SUBHEAD: The DLNR took down the Lawful Hawaiian Government signs at the Hanapepe Lookout.

By Janos Samu on 22 September 2015 for Lawful Hawaiian Government -

Image above: Welcoming sign at the time of installation at the Hanapepe Lookout on the north side of Kaumuaalii Highway, east of Eleele, Kauai.

Aloha mai kākou!

As most of you know our Lawful Hawaiian Government's educational signs were removed from the Hanapepe Lookout and confiscated on February 11, 2015 by DLNR by higher orders (DLNR refused to disclose whose order).

Image above: Large educational sign at the time of installation at the Hanapepe Lookout on the north side of Kaumuaalii Highway, east of Eleele, Kauai. Click to see closeup of sign. From Janos Samu.

When we requested DLNR to return the signs, they refused and claimed to be investigating the case. See our letter to the DLNR here (www.islandbreath.org/2015Year/09/15092dlnr.pdf).

A strange coincidence: first they enforce the action and then they do the investigation (that lasted until August 17, 2015). What a wise decision to spend the taxpayers money on investigating this case for six months.

On August 17, 2015 DLNR issued a citation regarding the signs to me and to my superior, Timothy Oga, Ali'i of District 1 of Kauai. These citations were not for installing the signs, but for abandoning them. According to the DLNR interpretation two signs, installed in 3 foot deep concrete footings  should have guarded by us 24 hours a day.

It was clearly the message on the signs that they objected (see below) to and why they took action to remove them. We felt they violated our human rights and our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. See below for the text on the two signs in question.


This area was cleaned up by the local citizens and supporters of the Lawful Hawaiian Government who love their 'aina.  Please keep our beautiful island clean!

Take your trash back home or dispose of it in the containers, and remember:

A'ole o Kaua'i o 'Amelika, a, a'ole loa e lilo ana!
Kauai is not America, and will never be!

Enjoy your stay on Kauai!

While you are visiting our beautiful Hawaiian islands we'll help you learn about our people, our history and our feelings. The flags and signs you see on trucks and houses also express those feelings and our desires.

The green-red-yellow Kanaka Maoli flags call for the restoration of the independence of our great Hawaiian Nation. And the Ku'e America and Ku'e Amelika signs say in Hawaiian: Resist and reject America!

Our ancient culture and rich language need only these short words to express our heartfelt anger towards the US government and its foreign policy for the illegal occupation of Hawaii by the USA that has been going on since 1893. We never approved this occupation, never liked it and will never accept it. We demand the full restoration or our sovereignty and independence.

This is a call to our brothers, sisters and all peace-loving supporters of the Hawaiian Nation to stand up and speak up for our rights and for our freedom.

Enjoy your stay now and if you support us come back again after our independence is restored.

The Hawaiians

 This is an educational sign of the Hawaiian Nation.
Do not remove or alter!

More than two months ago we contacted the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii to represent us and sue DLNR on our behalf. The ACLU Hawaii claims on their website that they will respond to each request within six weeks in determining whether to represent a request or not. See our letter here (www.islandbreath.org/2015Year/09/15092aclu.pdf).

We have the return receipts of our certified mailings to the ACLU and they have chosen not even to respond. Apparently they are serving "American civil liberties" this way.

Our case will be heard at the Lihue court house on September 23, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. If you want to witness how crooked this government is, come and give us or DLNR your moral support (depending which way you lean).  Mahalo nui loa. We are not afraid!

Mahalo ke Akua. I mua.

Janos Samu,
Human Rights Violation Coordinator of  Lawful Hawaiian Government, Kauai, District 1

Timothy Oga,
Noble Representative of Legislature of the Lawful Hawaiian Government, Kauai, District 1

Image above: Kauai Police Incident Report regarding the removal of the cultural sign installed by Timothy Oga. Click to enlarge. From Janos Samu.

Followup note on September 23rd court appearance from Janos Samu:

We are back from the court. Both of us were cited on the same charges at the same time. The State of Hawaii asked the court to dismiss the charges against Timothy Oga without prejudice, but I was requested to plead, which I did and I pleaded "not guilty". So for me a bench trial was set for December 17th, 2015 at 10.00 a.m.

This is just another tactic to stall the case and not to return the signs to us.



János Keoni Samu said...

Don't you find it remarkably strange that there is a police report filed on 2.11.2015 by Timothy Oga indicating that he had installed the sign and DLNR continues to investigate the matter until August 17th, 2015. Investigating what? Just wasting the taxpayers' money. And of course DLNR's investigation (if there ever was such investigation) ended with a different (false) result. Isn't it typical when you want to frame someone?

Cannedy Wright said...

I find it "remarkably strange" how you repeatedly call Hawaiians your ancestors.

Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Cannedy,

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and grew up in the New York metro area. My father was mostly black and Cherokee and grew up in Panama. My mother was mostly German and Swedish and grew up in Appalachia.

I've lived on and off on one or another Hawaiian Island since 1968 (Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island) and continuously on Kauai since 2001.

I now consider myself first a Hawaiian. It is the only place I have ever lived that felt like it was the right place I was built to be in.

The sooner the American Empire expires and leaves Hawaiians to their own devices the better we all will be.

IB Publisher

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