American War

SUBHEAD: It would seem that the USA's perpetual war is about to expand again. This time aimed at Iran and American citizens.  

By Juan Wilson on 10 January 2012 for Island Breath - 
Image above: Secretary of State cHillary Clinton in black leather installing silencer on automatic pistol. From (

Below is a sharp Ron Paul TV ad that asks us to imagine America as the victim of a foreign occupation, much like the ones the US military has been involved in for the last decade on the Middle East. It proposes that the Chinese have military bases in Texas and makes the point that American citizens would surely attempt to force them out, as would "terrorists" in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Ron Paul, the congressman from Texas, is the only presidential candidate of the Republican or Democratic party running against our foreign military bases and Middle East military adventures to secure foreign oil. I'm with him on that. In fact his position on drugs and other personal freedoms match mine.

Where we part ways boils down to my feeling the need for regulation to protect the environment and a government role in programs for the needy.

But I could overlook a lot to vote for someone with Paul's position on freedom and war.

The video that was above is no longer shared. Click on link to see: Ron Paul TV ad asking us to imagine Chinese overseas military bases in Texas. From (

The question Ron Paul's TV ad did not address is the possibility that USA's next war (with Iran) will probably include a front in American itself. It won't be Chinese troops fighting against renegade American terrorists, it will be the US military. Last week Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Bill that includes the possible indefinite detention of US citizen's by the military if they are determined to be "belligerent". The bill states in Subtitle D - Detainee Matters - Section 1031;
"Affirmation of authority of the armed forces to detain covered persons pursuant to the authorization for use of military force... including any person who has committed a belligerent act..."
So much for the US Constitution. So much for Obama. Below a video by Aaron Hawkins from his website Waiting for the Storm. He has been ahead of the curve on our path to war with Iran (WWIII) and is pointing to trouble coming up fast. Be wary.

The video that was above is no longer shared. Click on link to see: WWIII - US and Israel deploy troops for Iran War, China tells Navy to prepare for combat. From ( 

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